Human Services Program Learning Outcomes

Human Services Program Learning Outcomes

1. Students will develop the ability to use critical thinking skills to demonstrate adherence to ethical principles.

2. Students will demonstrate analytical, problem solving, and project management skills.

3. Students will develop critical thinking abilities and a foundation of ethical understanding that will allow them to serve people of diverse ethnic, cultural, gender, and other backgrounds.

4. Students will demonstrate a love for the pursuit of continuous learning and an ability to inspire others with that love.

5. Students will be able to communicate effectively, in writing and orally, and will be able to do so with clarity, correctness, and conviction.

After my two years at NDNU, I can honestly say that every single one of these learning outcomes have been accomplished. All the classes have had a tremendous impact on me and on the way that I look at the human services field. Analytical thinking and problem solving techniques were used in every class I have taken. I can now say that I have gain an important understanding on what is like to really serve people of diverse backgrounds. This program has also awaken an intellectually curious nature and I feel like each class has pushed me to learn more about myself and about the world around me. I believe that all this acquired knowledge is only going to make my professional and personal life fuller and more meaningful. 

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