I was born and raise in Colombia, South America. For the most part I had a very normal and happy childhood as I was lucky enough to always be around caring, interesting, loving and smart people. I come from a long line of independent thinkers, intellectually curious and somewhat esoteric individuals. My family, and when I say family I mean to include grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins to the mix, has a long history of travel and world explorers in it. From an early age I was curious about the world and knew that one day my opportunity to travel and explore would come as well. 

Since my family always instilled the love of other cultures and a curiosity about the world, after high school I went to live in England where the main purpose was so learn English. My intend was to go back to Colombia after a couple of years in England but life circumstances took me to France where I enrolled at the University of La Sorbonne to learn French and eventually did a semester of college. After four years of life and college experiences in Europe, I came to the United States where I started to work on my college degree. Here in the United States I had my first real job experience and I embarked in a long journey to finish my college degree.

It has taken me a long time to be where I am today. Even though I have taken a more unconventional way to get here, I would not change anything at all. I have been blessed with incredible support from family and friends and I would not be here without them or all the life experiences I have had. 

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